10 Big-Name Retired Athletes Who Now Work Normal Jobs

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Top 10 Former Sports Stars Who Have Regular Jobs Now.
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While almost everyone dreams at some point about being an athlete—to be idolized by millions of people for a godly talent that few others possess—no one thinks about the impermanence. The average professional athlete career doesn't last very long, and even the high salary earned during this time isn't enough to sustain most lifestyles. Thus, many athletes have to get jobs after they’ve retired. If they’re lucky, they’ll get a coaching, commentating, or executive job—something related to the sport that they played. If not, they get a regular job, like the athletes you'll see in this video. However, not all former athletes get normal jobs because they need the money. Some just want something to do after retiring. Life becomes boring for athletes when the spotlight dims, and taking a job as a farmer, police officer, or even a crossing guard, are all better than nothing.

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