Best Ayyappan Songs Of K.Veeramani - Tamil Devotional - ஐயப்பன் பக்தி பாடல்கள்

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00:03 - Villaali Veeranavan
04:00 - Puliyil Yeri Punidhan
08:18 - Ayyappanmaar Goshathilay

Ayyappan, also known as Dharmasasta, Maṇikanṭhan or Sasta, is a Hindu deity who is the son of Harihara, fused with both Shiva and Vishnu. Ayyaappa is believed to be born out of the union between Lord Shiva and the mythical enchantress Mohini, who is regarded as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, Ayyappa is also known as 'Hariharan Puthiran' or 'Hariharputhra,' which literally means the son of both 'Hari' or Vishnu and 'Haran' or Shiva.

Ayyappa is also commonly known as 'Manikandan' because, according to the legend of his birth, his divine parents tied a golden bell (mani) around his neck (kandan) soon after his birth. As the legend goes, when Shiva and Mohini abandoned the baby on the banks of the Pampa river, King Rajashekhara, the childless monarch of Pandalam, found the newborn Ayyappa and accepted him as a divine gift and adopted him as his own son.

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