Dealing With Disappointment | How To Handle Being Disappointed

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In this video men's style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of, talks about how to deal with disappointment. Being disappointed is a part of life but how you handle the disappointing event will determine how you heal emotionally.

Have you ever studied your ass off for a test, and you got a D? Or perhaps you worked super hard climbing the corporate ladder, but you got passed over for a promotion? Or maybe you finally got the courage to ask out that girl you've had an eye on for a long time, and she said 'no'. That feeling that gets smacked across your face is disappointment.

Disappointment is defined as the feeling of sadness or displeasure from lack of fulfillment of hopes or expectations. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has experienced quite a bit of disappointment in his life. We all experience disappointment throughout our life, but how you handle it is crucial to your mental well-being.

Life is a journey, and you're going to happiness and sadness as well as good times and bad times. You'll have disappointment where you will feel like giving up. Cry but move on. No disappointment can't be overcome. Stay positive, focused, and moving forward.

Four Specific Things to Remember When Things Don't Go Your Way
1. Pain is part of the growing process. Don't try to run from it or mask it. Embrace it instead. The pain is normal and natural. Learn from it and then put it in its place so you can move forward.

2. Everything is temporary. This goes for good and bad alike. Get focused and get centered-- nothing lasts forever. You will heal and feel better.

3. Instead of thinking you've been damaged or hurt, think of disappointment and its scar as a show of strength. You've been battle tested! You are a modern day gladiator. You were tested and came through it. We all have scars, and your scars are part of your past. They don't define you.

4. Worrying doesn't change anything. Worry is a waste of valuable energy. If you can change the situation, then stop worrying and take action. Take proactive action.