Felicity's incredible story - rescued from a backyard breeder

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Felicity’s story is beautiful, with such an important message.

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We rescued Felicity from a backyard breeder (also called a kitten mill). Her job was to churn out as many kittens as possible as quickly as possible to supply pet stores and sell online. She was not receiving humane care, and came to us with anxiety, fleas, ear mites, tapeworms, upper respiratory infection and a uterine infection that posed a serious threat to her kittens.

Luckily for Felicity, she will know only love, responsible care and a carefree life from now on. Please remember Felicity’s story when you see a cute “purebred” or “exotic” kitten in a pet store or for sale online. You can get amazing kittens AND save lives by adopting from your local animal rescue, which is why we always recommend you ‪#‎AdoptDontShop‬.

More about the rescue work we do: TinyKittens.com