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BREAKING MEWS! Another “lost cause” terminally ill former feral has gotten a furry tail ending instead of just an ending.

Moustachio (a.k.a. Stashy) was very sick when we brought him in, desperately in need of dental surgery with kidneys that were barely functioning. His condition was so grave initially that we weren’t sure what the most compassionate decision would be, but we needed to give him the best chance we could. Our philosophy as a no-kill organization is that if we can alleviate suffering, we do everything in our power to do so. It is only if we are unable to alleviate suffering that we will euthanize.

So, we managed his pain, removed 15 teeth (and one foreign object), and began aggressive treatment to see if he would stabilize enough to have a good quality of life. Our awesome volunteer snugglers made sure he got several hours of petting and cuddles every day, while the amazing Gwen spent hours making sure he got the very challenging medical care he needed.

As of this week, we are thrilled to announce that his mouth is healed, his kidneys are stable (although still terminal), and his medical regimen is manageable. He was able to depart this morning for his sunset foster home at Leo, Bobbi, Bowie & Big Brother Jager, where he will get all the love, joy and comfort (along with diligent medical care) he needs to ensure his sunset months are the best he’s ever had.

We are SO grateful for the wonderful people who take on special needs, challenging, senior, and terminally ill cats and kittens so they can have a chance to experience the life they deserve. It is very hard on the hearts of the humans who take them in, but literally makes the difference between a life worth living, and death for these animals who would otherwise be written off as “lost causes”.