Top 10 CRAZIEST PEOPLE At WALMART! (Weird, Funny & Psycho People At Wal-Mart)

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Top 10 Craziest People At Walmart! These Weird, Funny, Pyscho & Angry people are downright insane. Who did you think was the most crazy and which person did the most unbelievable things?
Things That Happened At Walmart (Fails & Moments):
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10. Crazy Lady Snaps On Woman:
9. Man Suffers Painful Itch At Checkout Line:
8. IDubbbzTV Spongebob Outtakes:
7. Senior Walmart Worker Rude To Customers:
6. Fake Trip:
5. Worst Tweaker At Wal Mart:
4. Pathetic Kitty Cats:
3. Black Friday TV:
2. Old Lady Gone Wild:
1. Bad Mother Yells At Child:

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