Top 10 Insane Celebrity Homes

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The rich and famous celebrities of the world have some insane homes. Here are ten of the most insane celebrity homes.
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Be Amazed at these most insane celebrity homes! The Playboy Mansion - Hugh Hefner’s lavish playground left teenage boys all around the world drooling when it featured on MTV Cribs in 2002, and that wasn’t just because of the throng of beautiful women hanging out there. Kim and Kanye’s Hidden Hills home - KimYelike to flaunt their lavish lifestyles, and their $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, is as lavish as you’d expect. John Travolta’s airport - You know how it can sometimes be annoying to have to drive to the airport to catch a flight? Well, John Travolta has found a workaround.

Celine Dion’s water park - From airport to waterpark: the home that Celine and her late-husband Rene built is a water lover’s dream. Robert Downey Jr.’s windmill - This home is more bonkers than baller, which suits this eccentric actor down to the ground. Moving away from his futuristic Iron Man persona, Robert’s 19th-century windmill is as quaint as it gets. Matt Damon’s Brooklyn pad - When Matt Damon bought an apartment at the end of 2017, it made the news with good reason: it was the most expensive property ever sold in Brooklyn. Naomi Campbell’s ecohouse - A supermodel needs a super house, and Naomi’s “Eye of Horus” house certainly fits the bill. Nicolas Cage’s haunted house - This next house is prettyweird, so it’s no surprise that it once belonged to a particularly wild celebrity. Richard Branson’s Necker Island retreat - Technically, this one isn’t a house, but an entire island. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson owns the Virgin empire, and he was only 28 when he bought this private uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s LA compound - With a combined net worth of $1.6 billion, it’s no surprise that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have envy-inducing homes all over the globe.