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Ever found yourself asking: why don’t people like Jake Paul? Or even: who is Jake Paul and why does the internet hate on him so much? Well, Jake Paul is a YouTube personality who started on Vine, and then joined the Disney Channel show “BIzaardvark.” And, according to the internet and some people who know him, Jake Paul is also a racist bully who treasts his posse like garbage and performs dangerous and irresponsible stunts. You decide for yourself. WatchMojo counts down ten things Jake Paul has done that make people despise him.

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00:54 #10: Some of His Stunts Are Stupid & Dangerous
01:46 #9: #TCAsCancelJakePaul
02:43 #8: He Treats His Posse Like POS
03:33 #7: He Writes So Many Diss Tracks
04:23 #6: He Is a Racist
05:07 #5: He Released One of the Worst Songs of 2017
06:11 #4: He Shared Post Malone’s Address
07:12 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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