Top 5 - Important but Lesser Known people in Mahabarata

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Facts about mahabharata.. 5 Lesser known people in Mahabharata


Yudhistir was already born to Kunti while Gandhari failed to deliver a baby even after

22 months of pregnancy. Fearing that he would not have an heir, Dhritrishtra has a

liaison with his maid Sauvali and a son was born to them Yuyutsu. Although he is elder

to Duryodhana he was never appreciated and received any royal treatment. Yuyutsu

was a follower of Dharma and hence opposed most of Duryodhana’s plans to kill

Pandavas by unlawful means. One of the 11 survivors of Kurukshetra war, he was made

the advisor to Pariksihit by Yudhistir when Pandavas left for Himalayas.


Vikarna, one among 100 Kauravas was the most righteous. He was the only Kaurava

who raised his voice against the injustice done to Draupadi in the royal court of

Hastinapur. When he died in the Mahabaratha war not only the Kauravas and Pandavas

but also Lord Krishna cried at his death.


Duryodhana married Banumathi and vowed to never touch another woman. Not only

that his trust for her was absolute. Once, Karna and Banumathi were playing a game of

dice. Karna was on the verge of winning when Banumathi seeing Duryodhana enter her

chamber was about to stand up. Unaware of Duryodhana’s entry karna assumes that

she was leaving the game due to her loss he pulls at her drape studded with pearls. The

thread snaps and the pearls rolled onto the floor. Banumathi was afraid that the scene

could be misinterpreted. Seeing her shock karna turned around saw his friend and tried

to explain. But Duryodhana simply asks, "Should I just collect the beads, or string them

as well." Thus proving that his love towards his wife as unconditional.


Born to the great warrior Ghatothkach, Barbarik was Bheema’s grandson. A brave

warrior he learnt the art of warfare from his mother. He was blessed by the Gods with

three infallible arrows hence came to be known as bearer of three arrows. He

promised his mother he would fight on the losing side. As lord Krishna was with the

Pandavas it was inevitable that he would fight on the Kaurava side. Hence Krishna in

the guise of a Brahmin asks Barbarik for his head in charity.

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